Above: Suzie, age 7 1/2, adopted in Jan. of 2007

At this point, Minnesota does not have a formal ''Lab Rescue'' program. There is, however, a network of breeders who work together to try and help find suitable homes for Labs in need. If you are interested in adopting an adult
Labrador, please send us an email with answers to the questions below and we will be happy to submit your request to the breeders who are working together for this effort.

Placement fees vary, depending on the situation, but are generally the cost to spay / neuter.

Thank you!

Each time a puppy or dog goes to a new home and family they will need time to get used to the new routine and rules
there. Here is a link to some helpful info for making this transitionary time successful.

If you are interested in a rescue Labrador,
please complete the questions below. Thanks!


1) Name:
2) Email address:
3) Phone:
4) Physical Address (Street, City, State, Zip):
5) Please tell us a little about your family and household.
6) What are you looking for in a Labrador
  • color: black, yellow, or chocolate?
  • gender: male, female, or either?
  • age range? 3-6 months - 6-12 months - 1-2 years - 3-5 years - 5-7 years - 8-10 years - senior (oldie but goodie - 10 years or older)
  • personality traits / activity level: Let us know what you are hoping for. Think about your lifestyle - are you a couch potato or a marathon athlete?
7) Do you hunt? If so, what type of hunting and how often.
8) Where will this Labrador be housed? In your home? Ooutdoor kennel? Etc.
9) Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your new Labrador?
10) Do you have other pets?
11) Is your yard fenced?
12) Will someone be able to be home for at least 2 full days to help acclimate your new addition to his or her new home?
13) Will you be willing to take the time to work with your new addition to teach basic household rules and house training?
14) Do you have other pets?
15) Have you owned a Labrador Retriever in the past? If so, please tell us a little more!
16) When are you hoping to bring your new Lab home?
17) Would you consider a "rescue" Labrador and / or a Labrador with special needs?
18) Please share any more info about your home, family, etc. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Rob & Denise Babcock
Email is strongly prefered - we are not often sitting in an office near a phone!
If calling: 218-568-3647 (leave a message -- please allow 48 hours for us to call back, we are often busy with the  dogs!)